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Commercial Processing Services

Basic Expansion

panluminate offers cell and tissue sample processing based on our patented pan-ExM technology. Basic expansion services are delivered via high quality 2-D imaging.  We guarantee that samples can be expanded between 16 and 25 times their original size, in three dimensions, without loss of ultrastructural integrity; and that fluorescent and antibody labeling will maintain adequate luminescence at full expansion.


All basic expansion services include two-color fluorescent labeling; a charge applies for additional fluorescent dyes.  All antibody materials, whether provided by the customer or purchased by panluminate must be validated for ExM compatibility and quality prior to processing; this applies to new purchases of previously approved strains/types.


Custom volumetric imaging (to augment standard 2-D images) and general imaging assistance is also available. Custom imaging charges are based on hourly time estimates; actual charges may vary.

Post Processing

At the customers discretion, expanded samples can be returned for additional analysis.  Additionally, panluminate will provide secure back-up storage of all processed images.

Sample Prep/Special Handling

panluminate provides sample preparation services (e.g. sectioning and fixing) for customers who may lack the proper equipment or have specific tissue requirements.  Additionally, basic processing may be augmented with customized sub-section processing (e.g. for additional antibody labeling or ROI comparisons).  These services are offered at additional charges, above basic processing costs; estimated pricing available on request.

Unclearing Microscopy

We have recently developed pan-reflexion, a new expansion process also called “unclearing microscopy”. Unlike our basic expansion, pan-reflexion utilizes metallic labeling that makes the structural components of cells and tissue VISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE without enhanced imaging. Please note, this is a new protocol, not fully tested on a wide variety of sample types; please contact us to discuss specific applications/use cases.

Contact us for information regarding sample preparation requirements:

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