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Changing the Way Biologists See the World



Introducing the world's most advanced

commercial ExM platform

Expands cell and tissue samples
up to
25x, without label degradation

Proprietary pan-ExM staining reveals
ultrastructural contexts in new detail

Maintains ultrastructural integrity
in 3-D, without destroying samples

Delivers EM/CLEM-like resolution
and contrast on light microscopes

Fluoresecence MIcroscopy
Expansion Microscopy (ExM)
panluminate (pan-ExM)
mitochondria pan-ExM
~300 nm diffraction limit for light microscopes

Up to 60 nm xy resolution,

but lacks structural context

Up to 12 nm xy resolution, with detailed ultrastructural context


A revolution in sub-cellular research

panluminate opens new frontiers for biologists. Our proprietary next-generation ExM technology offers accessibility to a wider range of investigators in academia and industry, giving them new tools to explore new questions, with larger, higher quality data sets, for a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of comparable EM/CLEM imaging.​

Cutting-edge researchers are using panluminate

services for a wide range of investigations, including:


Pre-clinical drug development in oncology

Amyloid plaque characterization in Alzheimer’s

Mechanisms of kidney disease progression

Synapse and circuit plasticity

Spinal cord tissue signaling pathways

Stem cell self-renewal mechanisms  

Lung and breast cancer tissue characterizations

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