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Revolutionary New Tools for Biomarker Localization and Validation

Expands cell and tissue samples
up to
25x in 3-D, while preserving ultrastructural integrity

Proprietary fluorescent pan-staining reveals ultrastructural contrast for the first time at a resolution similar to EM

Multi-level expansion to investigate tissue from single-cell level to subcellular and protein cluster levels

Compatible with a wide variety of labels including standard antibodies, DNA, RNA FISH, lipids


 Reinventing Subcellular Research

panluminate is not only opening new frontiers for scientists; it is leading the evolution of biological imaging towards a three-dimensional, multi-modal,    multi-resolution, and multiplexed era. 

With our proprietary next-generation pan-ExSt technology, we empower investigators in academia and industry to explore uncharted territories in biomarker imaging, unlocking transformative insights that have been beyond reach until now.

Cutting-edge scientists are using panluminate

services for a wide range of investigations, including:


Pre-clinical drug development in oncology

Amyloid plaque characterization in Alzheimer’s disease

Abnormalities in mitochondrial structures 

Deciphering Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) progression mechanisms

Mapping neural circuits in the mouse brain

Subcellular phenotypic profiling of human lung and breast cancer tissues

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